Colostrum Replacer
Land O Lakes Bovine IgG -Is used as an aid in the treatment of failure of passive transfer in newborn calves.  The only colostrum replacement licensed by the USDA regulatory agency as a single dose maternal colostrum replacement.

Land O Lakes Electrolyte Complete - Is designed to address electrolyte loss, nutrition and dehydration.  Unlike many other calf electrolyte products on the market, our fromula does not contain direct fed microbials which could lead to d-lactic acidosis.

Milk Replacer
Ampliflier Max - 22:20 Performance from an all-milk option, Amplifier Max offers the advantages of Architect technology and promotes health and growth, better lifetime productivity, and acheivement of calves' genetic potential.

Calf Starter
Country Calf 18 R40 - Its a texturized medicated calf starter that is designed to meet the nutritional needs of young calves.

Ampli-Calf 22% Texturized - Starters contain a combination of unique, proprietary ingredients, including a natural palatability enhancer, an immune modulating compound, a prebiotic dietary fiber that maintains lower gut health and a unique source of fiber for better digestion.

HeiferSmart R1600 - Dairy program products can offer a cost-effective and progressive means to help heifers mature into productive and efficient lactating cows - further enhancing the return on investment of a calf and heifer nutrition program.

Dry Cows
We carry a complete line of minerals, supplements, and complete feeds for dry and pre-fresh cows.  Backed by innovative dairy feed technologies.

We offer a variety of dairy cow feeds and supplements that contain the highest-quality ingredients.  So you can find what's best for your herd's productivity and achieve your goals.